Some of Our Favorite... 



Steamboat materials

Candle Steamboat

Steamboat Natchez is one of only two operational steamboats in the US and it was my inspiration for this project. It was an epic fail, but so fun to attempt. Here's the link to the YouTube video of what was supposed to happen.


Bottle Rocket

With a plastic water bottle, a cork, some popsicle sticks, vinegar and baking soda we literally had a blast with this one


Solar System Thermometer

Max loved every part of making this visual which shows the temperatures on the planets in our solar system. So much so that it has been through two moves and STILL hangs on his wall. 


Babbel-Language Learning
Español-Spanish Learning
Montessori Crosswords-Phonics
Starfall ABCs-Reading and Math


Raising Lifelong Learners
The Unschool Dad
101 Homeschool Ideas
Wow in the World (for the kids)


For Kids:

For Adults:


Hiss-Colors, Counting, Cooperation
Pop for Letters-Letter Recognition, Phonics
Sum Swamp-Addition, Subtraction



Google (Just being honest!)
Pinterest (Again, honesty.)