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Poster Tube Rain Stick

Poster Tube Rain Stick

Just a little something we threw together today!


  • Poster tube

  • Glue (something quick-drying like super or hot glue)

  • Hammer and Nails (ours were 1.5 inch long)

  • Uncooked rice, pasta or beans

  • Paint or patterned duct-tape (optional)


  1. If recycling a used mailing tube, remove labels/stickers. If painting, do so now, then let dry.

  2. Remove end caps. Place a small amount of glue on the inside of ONE end of the tube and replace the ONE cap.

  3. Hammer nails into the tube. The easiest way to place the nails is to follow the spiral pattern on the cardboard of your tube. Don't be shy here. You want to create enough "obstacles" for your noise makers. We used 101 nails.

  4. Pour the desired amount of uncooked rice, spaghetti, beans or whatever you choose into the tube. You can use beads, popcorn, buttons, pebbles-whatever you have on hand. Part of the fun is listening to the different sounds the different objects make. We settled on rice and broken spaghetti noodles.

  5. Place the second end cap on the poster tube and test your rainstick. You can adjust the amount/type of objects inside until you achieve the desired sound. Once you're happy with it. Glue the second end cap in place.

  6. IMPORTANT: Wait for the glue to dry on the second end cap before using your rainstick again to avoid getting glue on your filling which may cause clumps or for the filling to stick on one end of the tube.

  7. If you chose to use patterned duct tap, wrap it now. My boys really only had an interest in using the hammer and making as much of a mess with the rice as possible, so ours will stay brown. Sticks are brown, so that's okay, right?! #boymomprobs

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