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EEME Project Review- Genius Light

EEME Project Review- Genius Light

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What Is EEME?

EEME (pronounced EE-mee) is a monthly subscription box for kids that provides “not-so-easy” electronics projects. Each kit contains everything you need to complete a small, but challenging electronics project. There is no experience needed and no special tools are required. Think Snap Circuits without all the bulky plastic. You receive real components (resistors, breadboard, wires, etc.) and online instructions for putting everything together. The recommended age for EEME subscribers is 7-12.

Our EEME Experience

The boys and I completed our first project (Genius Light) in about an hour and a half spread across two days. We had a little bit of trouble finding the right device to watch the instructional videos (interactive questions used to check for understanding along the way were a bit glitchy on the iPhone and iPad) but once we got set up on the computer we were rocking and rolling.

Working through a series of steps we were able to create a simple circuit that lit up a small LED bulb. Adding a photo resistor to the breadboard gave the light “genius” intelligence.

What We Loved

  • Instructional Videos-Each video provided clear, precise directions and served as a great resource for checking our work along the way.

  • Use of real components-As I mentioned, EEME is similar in nature to Snap Circuits, but the boys enjoyed the experience of working with “real” components.

  • Terminology-We learned a lot of new vocabulary while completing this project and I loved that the technology wasn’t hidden behind labels like Part A, Part B, etc. I think it truly added to the educational experience.

  • Certificate of Completion-Max was super excited to earn the certificate of completion! It felt very official to him!

What We’d Like to See Instead

  • When I asked them if there was anything they didn’t like about their first EEME kit, Isaac replied, “Mom, we didn’t not like anything!” Well that settles that then!

Happy Engineers!

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